Happy birthday, Caleb! (Baby story #2)


Happy Birthday, Caleb! (baby story #2)

Daddy suspected it first. We were driving home from a wonderful vacation in Vermont during the fall when he dropped the bombshell: “I think you’re pregnant, hon!” Pregnant? Me? Now? Remember how we tried for well over a year? Remember the heartache of losing our first baby? Remember saying we didn’t need to use birth control because as you put it, “You don’t seem to get pregnant easily.”  Yeah, remember those things? Oh, one more. Remember how our baby is only 6 months old?

 On our trip, I would wait until we must have been driving for 5 hours and I was starving before I would ask Dad to stop and get me something to eat. I guess it was usually only 20 minutes. Oops. I was also pretty exhausted, but heck! I had a 6 month old baby! I had also just climbed a mountain on our trip! Well, a small one, but still…

I was pregnant. I was one month pregnant. My first response was fear. But, after a few hours of getting used to the idea, a thrill began growing inside me. I WAS PREGNANT! Me. Growing another miracle inside my body like a super hero! Ok, change of plans. Now I would be the Mommy of 2 children, very close together. Basically, 2 babies. So what if I was just getting back into shape! I would be a fit pregnant woman.

Could my heart expand to love another baby as much as I loved our Joshie? Well, Caleb, dear…you didn’t make it easy! The very first night you were born, you whimpered all night. The nurses wanted me to sleep (you were born at 11:30pm) and I told them I wouldn’t rest unless you were with me. I was so worried about you! What was causing you to be in pain?

Colic. One little word that would consume our days and nights. You screamed for up to 3 hours at a time. After awhile, baby Joshie began screaming, too, to get my attention. I thought being a nurse would help me handle anything. Colic had even your doctors stumped. At one appointment where you were also diagnosed with asthma at 2 months of age, the Pediatrician scribbled a prescription and handed it to me. “Give this to your husband,” he said, with a concerned look. The script?  “3 hours at mall without babies,” it said.

My heart grew. You continued to scream much of the time, but gave us glimpses of the funny; sweet and intelligent child you were. Most frustrating was when I would take you boys out for a walk and you would show off by smiling and cooing to anyone who stopped to admire you! “Is he a good baby for you?” Ummm, well, all babies are good, but he also screams more than he does anything else! “No! I don’t believe it! He’s so sweet! He must smile all the time!”

What a difference a few months made! Your horrible colic got better, although you never have lost that stubborn, adventerous spirit! You would wrench your elbow out of joint 3 times at age 2 and 3. The first time it was jumping off of a couch, the second and third were yanking away from me while I was holding on to your hand. The doctor chastised me for “pulling on your arm” and I burst into tears! How to explain that I wasn’t the one pulling and how can a child yank that hard, doesn’t it hurt?

You visited the emergency room more than we wished. You were hard to keep down! Yet, through it all you always had a twinkle in your eye and an infectious giggle! Watching you grow up to be the passionate and loving teacher, worship leader and husband you are has made your Dad and I very proud!

Happy 28th birthday, Caleb! Keep running after Jesus with all you’ve got! Dad and I love you so very much!

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  1. Arnie says:

    You should not be embarrassed! I would totally be freaking out too! But you are an amazing mom and you can totally do this! Good news is you’ve already had lots of practice! I know this probably do#&1se82n7;t help you but…you already help so many women with your blog, now you are going to be able to help so many other women with twins! Just take one day at a time.Tori Johnson recently posted..

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