Meet the Mennonite Misfit!

Hi! I’m Pamela, the Mennonite Misfit, and I’m so happy to have you as my guest! Let’s get to know each other, ok?

    * I have been married to my best friend, Steve, for 38 years and we have 6 awesome kids and 7 amazing grandchildren. I love my family and my God with all I’ve got, mess up regularly, and am thankful for grace!

    * I am a Nurse Educator by trade, but I love writing and blogging as well as teaching.

* I am the owner and operator of Pamela’s Brownies, the BEST brownies you have ever tasted!

    * Yes, I really am a Mennonite! I live in Amish country in central Pennsylvania.

    * Yes, I really am a misfit, too! I am not the typical Mennonite. I rarely go without lipstick, love my smartphone, and can’t sew a straight seam!

    * I love reading, wait-that’s not a strong enough statement…I INHALE and DEVOUR books! I BECOME a character in the books I read. I GRIEVE when a favorite character dies. I become MELANCHOLY when the story ends. I sometimes am QUIET for several days after I finish a book, poring over the plot in my mind.

    * I love to garden, but I am sort of a sloppy gardener.

    * I love to cook, bake and create recipes.

    * I teach Health to 7th to 12th grades and Anatomy and Physiology to 11th and 12th graders at a private Christian school. I LOVE my students and love trying to make learning fun!

Well, that’s a start, anyway! I’d love to meet you, too! Why don’t you introduce yourself to me in the comment section, ok?