A Snowy Morning Chat with Coffee


Good Snowy Morning to you, dear ones! Here I sit in my comfortable old chair, the blue-white dawn of a snowy morning peeking through the lace curtains. The world is silent. I woke early due to pain, and crawled out of bed to talk to God and chat with you. I am sipping from a beautiful hand painted polish pottery mug that a dear friend gave me for Christmas (Thanks, Cindy!).

I was thinking about my daughter’s basketball game last night. There was a sparse crowd, possibly due to the impending snow. The other team’s Varsity boys sat in the bleachers with posters, cheering for their girl’s team. Our fans and Varsity boys cheered on our side, too. Their team almost looked like they were from another culture. Most of the boys wore very skinny colored jeans and extreme “hipster” haircuts. Our boys wore school sweatshirts and regular jeans. Then the game began. Their boys cheered loudly and made rude noises when our girls were shooting a foul shot. Our side was respectfully silent when they shot their foul shots. Our boys are normal teens and I worried that they would get mad and start being rude back to these kids. I have to say as a mother and teacher, I was SO PROUD of our boys! They continued to be respectful even when the other team was openly rude. Don’t ever be afraid to do what’s right, even if you are the only one!

Now the morning light is brighter and the heat has kicked on, rumbling under the floorboards. A distant siren reminds me to pray for the ones who are hurt or sick enough to need that ambulance. The cats have had their breakfast and are curled up sleeping on the couch. The world outside my window looks frosty, white and and still.

I’m going to tuck my blanket around myself a little more snug and pray some more. Stay warm and safe, my friends!

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  1. Barbara J Brown says:

    Very nice way to start your day on a snowy morning!

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