Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cherry Dessert Crepes


Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cherry Dessert Crepes

Oh, my goodness! I just made the easiest, most delicious Valentine’s Day treat and my taste buds are singing happy songs! If you want to make something special for Valentine’s Day, but don’t have the time or patience to make a decadent dessert with tricky instructions, this recipe is for you!

First of all, you need to make some basic crepes. There are crepe recipes all over the internet, I used a simple one from allrecipes found here. Some recipes call for chilling the crepe batter for an hour, but my crepes were a last minute, impulsive decision, so I needed one that I could mix up and cook right away!

My skillet has a fancy honeycomb design, which made my crepes look a little fancier! If you didn’t read all about my new ceramic skillet from Ozeri, click here, it’s pretty amazing!

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cherry Dessert Crepes


Crepes, made according to your favorite recipe

Greek yogurt, plain or vanilla

Cherry or raspberry preserves (or use from yogurt container)

Chocolate chips

Chocolate curls from yogurt container

Frozen or fresh dark sweet cherries and/or raspberries

Whipped cream

Husband, children or best friends to share it with!



  1. Lay crepe flat on plate
  2. Spoon greek yogurt in middle of the crepe. I used Mixim from Aldi that came in a heart shaped container with separate sections for the yogurt, preserves and chocolate curls.
  3. Spoon preserves and some chocolate chips over the yogurt.
  4. Roll crepe up to form a tube.
  5. Squirt whipped cream down the length of the rolled crepe.
  6. Spoon fruit over whipped cream
  7. Sprinkle chcocolate curls, chocolate chips, or both over top of fruit.
  8. Enjoy!


┬áSo, there you have it! A super-easy, decadent Valentine’s Day treat you can whip up in no time for your favorite Valentine! What do you think? I hope you try it, let me know how you like it!

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